San Pedro Town, Belize C.A.


    SUNDAYS 10:45am/7:30pm -  Worship and                                                                          the Word.

    THURSDAYS 7:30pm -           Men's Fellowship

    WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm -     Women's Fellowship

Kids Sunday School and Nursery available.



 Proudly preaching an undiluted gospel to a generation desperately needing to hear absolute truth. This present generation has been held captive and limited, living far beneath the purchased right and privilege given to us by Christ, because of people pleasing gospel. May we never forget that God has ordained only Truth to set us free. Truth according to Jesus' standard. Flattery sends people to hell. Truth gains them Eternal Life, and Victory Today.

 "A BETTER WAY OF LIVING" is our TV Ministry that reaches the entire country of Belize. It airs on many different channels in many different districts throughout the Country. If you are on the Island of San Pedro and would like to tune in, you can do so on Channel 9 and Channel 20. We simply want people to know that with God, there is a better way of Living. Wholesome living!