About Us:
 I am a born Belizean, raised in the Catholic faith for 20years. While growing up there were some deep issues in my life that religion could not settle. I was addicted to pornography, I was hooked on stealing, I was hooked on Alcohol, I lived a promiscious lifestyle. One day I was invited to a crusade in the city by an evangelist from the USA, and there was where I had an encounter with Jesus Christ Personally. I was Born Again radically. In the encounter I wept uncontrolably for about 20minutes. I felt the weight of my sins for the first time. But I also simultaneously felt the unconditional love of God all over me. That night I left the crusade a Changed man. One year later I went to a Charismatic meeting with a passion to hear God's word but nobody could explain what they read.  In my anger and great disappointment I cried out to God  and said, "Lord You knew nobody would be able to teach me your word at that meeting, so why did you let me go?" and just then I heard a small still voice inside me said, "Why don't you ask to interpret my word?" and I said in reply, "Lord, if that is possible then please enable me to interpret your word." That very moment, a bright light came through the roof of my room and through the ceiling, and I fell asleep that night. The following morning when I awoke, I opened the bible, and for the first time, everything I read made sense. From that moment I knew that God had called me to ministry. After a few years I left the Catholic church and God led me to open this ministry. My wife and I started from scratch. We sold our personally owned property and bought a tent and we had church for five years under that tent. Through prayer and sowing seeds, God answered and gave us a land and building to house his precious people. I resigned from my well paying job 10 years ago by the direct call of God. Today I am a full time minister living by faith in the promises of God. I love Jesus, because he first loved me.