Television Ministry

God has blessed us with the great honor of spreading the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire country of Belize by way of Television. Our main audience is approximately 200,000 unchurched people each week. Our goal for our TV ministry is for the lost, not the saved. I believe, "God has given me the mouth of the learned that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary." Isaiah 50:4 Like a chisel cuts off unwanted material from the surface of a precious object, I know God's word through our TV broadcasts is chiseling away the unwanted, ungodly nature of the wonderful people of Belize, exposing the beauty of the Lord in them. My friend, If you have a heart like mine for the lost sheep of God, and would like to support our TV Ministry, kindly click on the "How Can I Help" button on the top of this page. God Bless You!